1969: Brooklyn Museum holds first exhibition of Contemporary Puerto Rican Artists in New York; Raphael Montanez Ortiz founds El Museo Del Barrio, Formation of Puerto Rican Art Workers Coalition.


January 1969 –  Marcos Dimas, Adrian Garcia, Martin Rubio and Armando Soto participate in   Contemporary Puerto Rican Artists, a groundbreaking exhibition of  emerging Nuyorican artists  organized by the Brooklyn Museum. (Jan. 12 -Feb, 1969)

January 1969 –   A cross-section of socially engaged artists  form The Art Workers Coalition (AWC)  to protest  The Viet Nam War, racism, sexism, and discriminatory practices in New York museums and galleries.

 Spring 1969

The Society of Friends of Puerto Rico establish a cultural center  in a defunct catholic school that provided studios for musicians and artists.   Dimas, Garcia, Rubio and Soto participate in the  center’s inaugural art exhibition. IMG_1352

Summer 1969

Dimas, Garcia, Rubio and Soto join the AWC and begin collaborating with Rafael Montanez Ortiz, co-chair of the Art Workers Coalition Decentralization Committee and  founder of El Museo del Barrio.

Fall 1969 –

Dimas, Garcia, Rubio, Soto and Ortiz join struggle for Puerto Rican Empowerment in East Harlem waged by Young Lords Organization and The Real Great Society Uptown Urban Planning Studio (RGS/UPS).  The artists become friendly with RGS/UPS staff members Harry Quintana and Manuel Neco Otero.

Winter 1969

Dimas, Garcia, Soto, Ortiz, Quintana and Otero form Puerto Rican branch of the Art Workers Coalition.


December 1969 — Young Lords Takeover of first spansih Methodist church


Rafael M Ortiz at AWC Meeting

Rafael M Ortiz at AWC Meeting