1974   Arrested for playing congas on the subway, TB member Martin Tito Perez is strangled to death in jail.  Community Protests and charges of police brutality ensure. 

Highlights 1974


TB members participate in ‘Culture and the Puerto Ricans: Critique and Debate,” a conference sponsored by the Center for Puerto Rican Studies.   This conference gathered artists and intellectuals from the island of Puerto Rico and New York to examine the preservation and transformation of Puerto Rican culture on the U.S. mainland.   Manuel Neco Otero ,Vitin Linares, and Jorge Soto created over 60 illustrations for publication of the conference papers.

June    TB members participate in two exhibitions organized by Marta Moreno Vega at el Museo del Barrio:   The Art of Survival and Aspectos de Esclavitud .

Dec 1.   

TB artist Martin Tito Perez is arrested for playing conga drums on subway; the next morning he is found dead of strangulation in cell.  Accusations of police brutality and murder ensue.  Investigation….

TB create the December 1st committee to draw attention Martin Tito death and police brutality aimed at people of color,

Related Events

Geno Rodriguez, Charles Biasiny-Rivera, Roger Caban, and Phil Dante found En Foco as not-for profit professional development organization for  Puerto Rican photographers.  En Foco’s first project involved the creation of The New York Puerto Rican Experience, a 90 page print portfolio that was distributed free of charge to museums and libraries.  Rodriguez resigns from En Foco prior to the printing of the portfolio.


Caban, Rivera and Dante criticized Rodriguez’s submission of portraits of Puerto Rican artists and artist collectives in New York for the portfolio and Rodriguez resigns from the group.

Exhibitions and Events at 1536 Madison Avenue

Mar 13                      Lecture and workshop for students from the Lower East Side

April 3                      Lecture on history of Puerto Rican art for Latino Organization

APR 28                    Visit form Druge House Rehabilitation Center

May 9                       Lecture on art to Cenrtro Cultural Puertorriquenos

May 17                      Jimmy Jimenez exhibit

May 22                     Visit from neighborhood school

May 23                      Visit from hillcrest high school students (Jaimaca Queenws)

May 25                    Brooklyn college tour and discussion

June 1                      Visit  with group from Albany

June 20                 Jewelry Making Workshop with Sandra Estevez

June 21                   Carlos Osorio  exhibition

July 1                   Free lunch program begins (80 lunches served daily)

July 8                   Summer youth program begins

9 am                      photo demonstration

July 11                  Trip to Rockaway Beach

July18                  Trip to Playland

July 25                Trip to American Indian Museum/Hispanic Socity

Agust 1                 Willowgrove amusement park

Agust 2                 Outdoor activities

Agust 7                 Brooklyn Museum

Agust 15               Bear Mountain

Aguust 17           Lincoln Center and Puerto Rican Traveling Theater

Sep 10                  Lecture for La Guardia Community college students; presentation by Jorge Soto and Luis Cancel

Sept 3                  Visit with exchange students from U.N.

Nov 6                   Jefferson High School students

Nov 27               Monroe High School students

1974 Traveling/Outdoor exhibitions

March 19                     City Univeristy

March 28—                Staten Island Public Library, Staten Island

April 12 –                    Group show commemorating Betances  Casa de las Americas , The Bronx

April 15—                     Commemoration of Jose de Deigo;s Birthday, Henry Street Settlement,

April 26-28                 Puerto Rican Studies Conference, Manhattan

May 1                              New York University, Manhattan

May 19                          Outdoor exhibition Metropolitan Hospital Health Fair, Manhattan

May 18-20                   Children’s art exhibit at District 1 Drug Abuse Prevention Program

June                               Art of Survival Exhibition organized by El Museo del Barrio

June 2                           Puerto Rican Day Parade Photo Float for Realidades

June 15                          “Homage a Machito” Festival, The Bronx

June 20                         Washington Square Art Fair, Manhattan

July 28                            Bronx Zoo, The Bronx

July 27-28                     St. Ann’s Church Festival, Manhattan

Sepr 14                           119th Street Block Health Fair, Manhattan

Sep  23                           Plaza Borinquen, The Bronx

Oct   15-22                      State University of New York at Stony Brook, NY

Oct  31                            Greenhaven Penitentiary, Greenhaven, CT

Nov 20                           Lehman College, CUNY, Manhattan

Nov22                             Brooklyn College, Brooklyn

Dec                                 Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

Poster commissions

May              St. Annes’ Community Festival

May               Union Settlement  hotline

June           “The Art of Survival ”   poster for El Museo del Barrio

July 5          donation of posters to St. Annes

August 17    La Colectiva

August 24    Poster and tee shirt printing for Taller

September   Frente Unido