Center for Puerto Rican Studies commissions TB to create “Proletarian Portfolio” commemorating Puerto Rican labor leaders.

1975 Highlights


Marcos Dimas, now a producer at Realidades ,begins shooting documentary film about the socio-aesthetic praxis of Taller Boricua entitled Towards a Collective Expression.”  Artists featured in the film were Jose Morales, Fernando Salicrup, Rafael Colon Morales, Jorge Soto, Armando Soto , Marcos Dimas and included a tribute to  Martin Tito Perez.    The film is broadcast on realidades in 1976.

Taller Boricua members open a satellite exhibition space named Galeria Tito on 1699 Lexington Ave between 107 and 108th street. Carlos Osorio and Jacquiline Biagi shared responsibilities for keeping the space together.

The Center for Puerto Rican Studies commissions Taller Boricua artists to create a portfolio of prints on Puerto Rican Labor Leaders entitled:  El Portafolio Proletario. Participating artists were: Marcos Dimas, Jorge Soto, Fernando Salicrup, Mauel Otero, Jimmy Jimenez, Myrna Rodriguez.

June 15  – The Proletarian Portfolio is first exhibited at the Feria de Expression Puertoriquena, an outdoor festival sponsored by the Center for Puerto Rican Studies and PS. 121 in East Harlem.

August 1975

The December 1st committee distributes a press release recounting incident of police brutality against Puerto Ricans and calling for an investigation of the death of Taller member Martin Tito Perez who was found dead in his cell after being arrested for playing congas on the subway on December 1st, 1974.  Written by Rene Rodriguez Ojeda, a member of taller,  the press release gives details arrests of two TB artists.  In april 1975, .Jorge Soto was arrested after visiting the Metropolitan Museum and spent 18 hours in jail without being charged.    On july 8th , Ojeda was arrested on chargers of sale of stolen weapons and conspiracy to transport explosives.  Ojade relates that  police and fbi suspect ed taller of being responsible for a bombing in East Harlem that injured a policeman and with the Machetero Bombing of Frances Tavern

Related Events

New York City  financial crisis

Despite the downturn in the City’s economy, Artist Run Alternative Art Spaces open across New York City;  Puerto Rican artists run spaces  emerge on the lower East Side and Soho.

Marta Moreno Vega founds the Caribbean Cultural Center

Marta Moreno Vega co-founds The Association for Hispanic Arts.  Member organizations included:  Taller Boricua, El Museo del Barrio, The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, Intar, The Nuyorican Poets, Cafe, The Friends of Puerto Rico/Cayman Gallery

Miguel Algarin and Miguel Pinero co-edit Nuyorican Poetry: An Anthology of Puerto Rican Words and Feelings.  This landmark publication introduced audiences to the unique bi-cultural experiences and expressions of New York based Puerto Ricans.

Miguel Algarin and Miguel Pinero establish  The Nuyorican Poets Café in an irsh bar on 6th street.

Former young lord Eddie Figueroa forms  New Rican Village Cultural and Education Center, 101 Ave A, The New Rican Village supported latin jazz musicians and performance based-poets such as Latin Insomniacs Motor Cycle Club comprised of  Pedro Pietri, Willie Pietri ,Papoleto Melendez and Sandra Maria Esteves.  Eddie Figueroa and Pedro Pietri collaborated on projects such as The of the “South Bronx Surrealist Festival” and “The Puerto Rican Embassay” at the New Rican Village.  Sandra Maria Esteves created many posters for the New Rican Village.

Geno Rodriguez co-founds The Alternative Museum in the East Village.  The museum was first housed on East 4th Street.    Rejecting the ethnic-specific and community-based models followed by his peers, Rodriguez establishes the Alternative Museum a multi-disciplinary artist-run space that responds to global issues.

Former young lord Hiram Maristany is appointed interim director of El Museo del Barrio .

Adal Madonando and Alex D. Coleman co-found Foto Gallery in Soho.   Foto Gallery was a not-for profit, artist run photography and multi-media gallery.  During its five years of existence Foto Gallery exhibited number of groundbreaking photographers including Robert Mapplethorpe,

The Society of the Friends of Puerto Rico relocates to a loft on 381 West Broadway in Soho-.   Jack Agueros and Nilza Peraza rename the space Cayman Gallery; exhibition programming becomes inclusive of Latino and Latin American artists.

United Graffiti Artists, co-founded by Hugo Martinez in 1972,  has group show at Artists Space.  The exhibition validates Graffiti as an art form; artists transfer their work to canvas.



Taller Boricua Exhibitions/Events

January 4—               Lolita Rodriguez de Tio Junior High School, The Bronx

January 22—            Columbia University, Manhattan

Feb 27                          Tito Perez memorial show  at J.C. Offices

March 13                     CCNY expo

March 14 – 31           Fernando Salicrup Exhibiotn at Friends of Puerto Rico’

March 21                    CCNY expo – graphics

April 10                       Jorge Soto solo show at Friends of Puerto Rico

April 11-13—              exhibition at National Latino Media and Educational Conference,  San Antonio, TX

April 14—                    Richmond College, Long Island City, NY

April 18                       Film and Poetry Festival Sponsored by Taller and James Weldom Theater Arts Center

Oct 17                         Rafael Colon Morales show at Galeria Tito