1976 PBS broadcasts TB film “Towards a Collective Expression.”




Marcos Dimas film, Towards a Collective Expression,  is broadcast on Realidades,

TB Artists participate in Sprit of Independence Show organized by Luis Cancel at Cayman Gallery

TB artists join protests of  Bicentennial Exhibition at Whitney Museum

TB prepares to relocate to Boys Harbor building

Related Events

Iman New York: A Selection  Works by Latin American artists Living in New York opens at the Center for Inter American relations (aka the Americas Society). Taller artists in the show are: Rafael Colon Morales and Marcos Dimas.  Iman was co-organized by the Institute of Contemporary Hispanic Art  and The Center for Inter-Relations.

Catalog notes the show was inspired by a New York Times editorial on December 24th, 1975 which declared that:  “While the city is in deep fiscal trouble, it is flourishing in theater and the arts.
New York is a vital center of creativity,  it is a continuing magnet.”

Marta Moreno Vega establishes the Caribbean Culture Center.

Charas sponsors the creation of La Plaza Cultural Community Garden on the Lower East Side.

Freddie Hernandez begins working as a muralist for Cityarts; together with Tomie Arai the team create major murals celebrating solidarity between Puerto Ricans, Asians Americans and African Americans on the Lower East Side

US Bicencentenial

TB Events/ Exhibitions 1976:

Jan 10—            lecture on PR art for Puerto rican studies class at LaGuardia Community College, Queens

Feb 18                  Show at Laguardia Community College

March 12            Exhibit and Lecture for Black and Hispanic Organizational Art Conference in Ct.

April 6—           show and lecture on pr art at Amherst College, Amherst, MA

April 8—           Exhibition at Massive Economical Neighborhood Development, Inc.,       Manhattan (MEND)

April 10               Prints and paintings at Columbia University, Manhattan

April 26              Sculpture group exhibition at galleria 11 Museo del Barrio, Manhattan

June 6                  Outdoor exhibition, Fiestas Patronales del Barrio

Poster Commissions

The Public Theater Latin American Theater Festival