1977 Taller Boricua relocates to the 2nd floor of Heckscher Building on 1 East 104th Street



 Taller Boricua relocates to the 2nd floor of Heckscher Building on 1 East 104th Street.

Taller Boricua relocates to the 2nd floor of Heckscher Building on 1 East 104th Street.  Inaugural Open house exhibit is held on July 13, 1977.  .

TB remained at 104 E 104th Street from 1977 to 1988.  Throughout that time, Marcos Dimas, Fernando Salicrup and Jorge Soto assume rotating directorship of TB.  Gilberto Hernandez oversaw the silkscreen and printmaking studio. While Taller Boricua continued  to organize  formal exhibitions of Puerto Rican, Latino, Latin American, and African-American artists. the  bulk of TB posters and design work  was created for el museo, the caribbean culture center, the association of hispanic art, the center for puerto rican studies and other Puerto Rican/latino arts organizations.

Taller Boricua retains the basic layout of the Madison Avenue loft; space was divided into private and collective studios, a printmaking workshop, a lobby gallery and an office. There were also two rooms for artist residencies.  Nitza Tufino had separate studio facilities in the building.

The circle of artists who frequented Taller Boricua at the Madison Avenue space continued to use the facilities in the Heckscher Building; notable artists that became part of the Taller’s expansive network at the Heckscher Building include: Sigfrido Benitez, Felix Cordero, Jimmy Gross, , Miriam Hernandez, Jesus Jay Muniz, Nestor Otero, Gloria Rodriguez, Federico  Ruiz, Elaine Soto, and Manuel a/k/a Manny Vega.

Galeria Tito relocates to 1671 lexington avenue and is renamed Galeria Morivivi. Jimmy Jimenez, Carlos Osorio, Nancy Wells, Eliane Rosner and Franklin Flores oversaw this space

Carlos Osorio moves to Austin Texas for health reasons.

Jack Agueros is appointed as 3rd Director of El Museo Del Barrio.  Agueros re-establishes a close connection with Taller Boricua hiring artists to serve as educators, curators and advisory board members throughout his 10 year tenure.

Related Events

Caribbean Culture Center begins publishing Caribe Magazine. TB artists  Gil Hernandez, Nestor Otero and Jorgo Soto  design the magazine and other CADDI paraphernalia.

Activists place a Puerto Rican flag on the forehead of the Statue of Liberty and stage a nine hour siege of Liberty Island.

Cayman Gallery  and TB artists participates in Whitney Counterweight show –  a critical response to the whitney biennale

TB at Madison Ave/Galeria Tito

April 12                                Group show for reopening of galleria Tito

May 13`                              5 Puerto Rican  artists at Galeria  Tito

June 8 to 17                        Open City project with children at east harlem/galleria tito

Augst 17 0 Sep 9              Mar Caribe – Jose Rose and Luis Alonso at Galeria tito

July 30                                  Open house /Inaugural exhibit at Taller Boricua at 1 East 104th Street

Augut 4                                 Jazmobile concert sponsored by Taller with Orchestra Guarare


Traveling & Events Exhibitions


Feb 18                                    Culture and Social Change presenation at  Baruch College, The Bronx

March                                     Whitney Counterweight Show at Cayman Gallery

March 14                                P.S. 108, Manhattan

May 2                                       P.S. 117, District 4 bilingual School Conferrence

May 6 –June 6                       Jorge Soto exhibit at Association of Hispanic Art

June 12 to 19                        Fiesta Patranales del Barrio, 1977

June 16-30                             3rd annual Hispanic art exhibit at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre, Manhattan

Sept 9 – Oct 9                       Confrontacions: Ambientey Espacio installation art show at El Museo

Sept 17 –Oct 15                    Fernando Salicrup Solo Show at Haverstraw

October 1                              Festival of Laino arte y cultura at El Teatro Puerto Rico, The Bronx


Caribe Magazine illustrated by Jorge Soto